Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Disappearance of Merlin

Appears in Three Drops in a Cauldron Press, Special Beltane Edition April 8, 2016

The Disappearance of Merlin

In Memory of Dan Noel

You gave me a gift
then disappeared
I’m left holding the wand
the coned hat
the stars swirling.
You said to name the baby,
“The Song of Nature
in the Dance
with the Imagining Psyche.”
In my soul
I knew it was right,
the music flows
interweaving the invisibles
with matter.
The fairies danced
and chirped
“Choose me, choose me!
We’re ready to come
out of hiding.”

The stage was set
the adventure to begin
“I turned to share the transport…”*
but where are you?

“The song of nature called me,”
you said
“I could not resist.
But I am in the stone
the woods, the streams,
the everlasting sea
you will always find me.”

Now I wander in the woodlands
flitting from tree to tree
stirring the silence
of the trickling stream.
I still hear the music
the giggle of dolphins
but feel the vast horizon
of sea and sky.

Ah, trickster magician
all is turned around.
You see, I am the one caught
and held in space and time.

* “Surprised by Joy, Impatient as the Wind” William Wordsworth