Monday, September 3, 2012

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes there are unexpected gifts! Three poems that appeared in my hotel room (the Kennedy School) in Portland, seemed just for me:

Poem around the top of the walls:

From groves of Spice
O'er fields of rice.
Athwart the lotus stream,
I bring for you,
Aglint with dew,
a little lovely dream.
Sweet, shut your eyes,
The wild fireflies dance
through the fairy neem.
From the poppybole -
For you I stole -
a lovely little dream.
Dear eyes, good night,
In golden light -
the stars around you gleam;
On you I press with soft caress -
a lovely little dream.

"Craddle Song" Sar Ojimi Naidu

These next two poems were written on the blackboard in the room:

"Powerful Song of Radiant Light
Weave us a web that Spins the Night
Web of Stars that holds the dark
Weave us the Earth that feeds the Spark." Anonymous


"There is a channel
between voice and presence,
a way where information flows.
In disiplined silence the channel opens.
With wandering talk, it closes." Anonymous